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Estate Planning Myths


  • What is an estate?
    An estate is comprised of all of the real property and personal property that an individual who is dead or alive owns. This would include things like your home, bank accounts, investments, cars, jewelry, etc.
  • What is estate planning?
    Estate planning is the process by which a person can provide for themselves and their loved ones through any period of disability and upon death. It enables individuals to designate beneficiaries, minimize taxes, avoid unnecessary probate and legal fees, and care for themselves and loved ones.
  • Who needs an estate plan?
    Anyone who wants to transfer their assets to loved ones, avoid probate fees and legal costs, control guardianship and healthcare decisions, and spare their loved ones from a difficult process after they pass away should establish an estate plan.
  • How do I make an estate plan?
    Please contact Pandher Law Firm and set up a free consultation. We are happy to help determine your estate planning needs and develop a personalized plan to prepare for the future.
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