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Welcome to Pandher Law Firm

Most of us have family that we love and care about.  We have property and assets that we have worked hard over a lifetime to accumulate.  We want to live our best lives and ensure that our medical and healthcare decisions are optimal.  We want to preserve our legacy for future generations.  But in life, nothing is certain.  And preparation is everything.  Estate planning is… planning for life.

At Pandher Law Firm, our goal is to be your trusted advisor and to help you and your family make the best decisions for the future.  We will personally guide you to achieve your goals, including helping you avoid probate, establish the right type of trust, protect your assets, and ensure that you make the best decisions for your own well-being as well as those you love.  We handle all aspects of estate planning law and will develop a personalized estate plan that honors your wishes while helping you navigate the complexity of the legal system.


Pandher Law Firm will develop a personalized plan for all of your estate planning needs


Avoid Probate Effectively

Last Will &

Establish Essential Safeguards

Healthcare Directives

Take Control of Your Medical Care

Financial Documents

Take Control of Your Fiscal Matters

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Gurjit S. Pandher

"I focus exclusively on estate planning because it’s a full circle conversation.  What I ultimately care about is family, and helping people, and this is the perfect way to honor that."

As an experienced attorney, Gurjit S. Pandher is the person you want on your side. He is the managing attorney and founder of Pandher Law Firm and has helped hundreds of clients in his legal practice.  He is well versed in all aspects of estate planning from the most basic to the most complex structures.


Common Myths

“I have already written a will.  I’m set for what may happen in the future.”

If you have written a will, you are one step ahead.  However, a will is not enough.  A will does not allow you to avoid probate and it does not allow you to reduce or eliminate your estate taxes.  It does not take care of all you other affairs like medical decisions.  Quite simply put, a will alone is never enough.

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Do I need estate planning?

If you have a family that you love, assets that you want to protect and, and healthcare decisions you want to control…then you need estate planning.

Still not convinced?  Interact with the boxes to learn more.

You don't have a trust right now

A trust is the only way to avoid probate and is optimal for privacy, legacy preservation, and estate tax avoidance

You own real estate or have assets over $150,000

Without a trust, this level of asset ownership will force you to go through probate even if you have a will in place

You have minor children

Without guardianship documents you lose control or who cares for your children and the State will decide

You want to control your medical decisions

Without a healthcare directive, power of attorney or HIPPA release your end of life or medical decisions will be made by others

You want to avoid cost and public nature of a probate

Without a trust, your loved ones will be forced to go through an expensive, time consuming and public court process to get what they deserve

You want to leave behind a legacy for future generations

Without an estate plan you miss the opportunity to share your hopes, dreams and wishes with your loved ones so your legacy lives on

Family Walking

We're here with you every step of the way

We are here to be a trusted resource – let us handle all of the difficult paperwork and legality, it is our job to make this an easy and clear process for you.

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